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Kartina Richardson is a writer and filmmaker. She is of Asian & African American descent. She mentions this because everyone asks, so now you know. She loves her Cocteau tattoo enormously, but when anyone asks who it is boy does she feel like an asshole.

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Sarah enjoys her public beverage.

Sarah and her beverage (not pictured).

Public Beverage Enjoyment is more or less a quiet and solitary activity. In public. With other people around. (There are exceptions to this).

Public Beverage Enjoyment is an activity for the lonely. Those who prefer to contemplate their woes in public with a treat and/or journal. Thus they are distracted from the sorrow of their loneliness and seize on its dramatic potential secretly enjoying its romance. Why deny the lonely small pleasures?

It is in this way that This Moi’s Public Beverage documentation began.

In July ’08, in a new city, on the verge of a new job, nursing a broken heart and continuing her perilous yet gallant battle with that Great Gray Cloud many of us know too well, This Moi found small pockets of calm/frenzied reflection/planning of new life in the downing of beverages.

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